Map Tools

Base Maps

The base maps dropdown will allow you to change between the default street view map and the satellite view map

Map Layers

The layers dropdown will display the layers that are currently available for you to explore. In some cases, the layer will just require one tick of the tick box to enable it. But in most cases, this will open a collection of layers within the parent layer group as shown below.

If you are interacting with a layer group, select which layer you want to display on the map. These can occasionally take a while to render on the map. The three-dot icon to the right of the layer will contain a pop-up to zoom to a layer (which will zoom to a view to encapsulate the whole layer), layer attributes (shows a table of attribute data for the layer), filter attributes (will only show for applicable layers but allows you to filter the layer based on a particular attribute) and opacity control for the overall layer.


The draw dropdown gives you the options of drawing a drawing a polygon to indiciate boundary, the drawing includes a delete button.

Polygon Tool

Click on the polygon tool to enable drawing a polygon. Click on a point on the map to start drawing your polygon, you will see a measurement text box appear and the measurement values will appear after you have placed your second point. Continue placing points of your polygon by clicking on a position on the map. Once you are happy with your polygon you can either double click to finalise your polygon or point your mouse to the starting point of your polygon to close it. If you choose the former option, then the map tool will automatically close off the polygon by connecting the first point to your last point.

Delete Tool

Click on the delete tool to enable deletion of polygon. Once you click the delete button the background of the button will change colour to indicate that it is enabled, and the polygon tools will be disabled. To delete a polygon, hover your mouse over any point of your drawn shape and click, without dragging.


The measure tool is used in exactly the same way as the line and polygon tool in the Draw tab.

The difference is the measurements are symbolised differently and are not included in any form submissions (such as projects or enquiries).

If you wish to remove your measurements, click on the red cross icon to clear all measurements.


The upload dropdown gives you the options of uploading shapefiles instead of drawing. To upload a shapefile, click on “Choose File” and select your file from your computer/device. Once the file has been selected click on the blue button displayed below.

Once you have clicked the blue button applicable to the shapefile you have uploaded, the map will render and zoom in on the area of your shapefile.



Once a layer has been turned on you will see a button appear on the right-most edge of the screen with a left arrow icon as shown below:

Clicking on this button will expand the legend pane and all layers legends are expandable/collapsible using the - + icons.

Once a layer legend is expanded you can toggle visibility for that layer as shown below: